Let's Encrypt used for..

I'm currently using LE for WebAdmin and UserPortal.  Just curious if anyone else is using LE for anything else besides WebAdmin and User Portal?  What other configurations can we use Let's Encrypt?



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    The plain auth key did not work for me.

    It seems that there is an encryption needed.


    The following did work for me:

    - Open API in Browser
    - Open key (via "Try It out" in "GET /objects/ca/host_key_cert/")
    - Copy the key given in the "curl"-field (after "Authorization: Basic ")
    - Use this token in script

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    Hi Sebastian,

    Sorry I meant to have updated this, I found the problem.

    The API Key was not being encoded to base64 before sending to the UTM, The fix was quite easy:-

    utmapikey=$(echo -n token:$token | base64)

    curl -k -X GET --header "Accept: application/json" --header "Authorization: Basic ${utmapikey}" "${fullutmapiurl}" -o "$curloutfile" > /tmp/getcert_utm_curl 2>&1