DNAT problem

I just received my new Qotom q355g4 installed the beta on it, it’s a great little machine but my DNAT rules for torrent traffic are not working for some reason. I have an other server running 9.510-5 and I have no problems there with same setting so if I’m not missing something it might be related to the newer version.

The service definition is:

Name: Torrent
Destination: 37309
Source: 1024:65535

DNAT rule:

Traffic from: Any
Using service: Torrent
Going to: WAN /Address/
Destination: PC Host

Firewall rule:

Any > Torrent > PC Host
PC Host > Any > Any

Basically everything is turned off. If I try to run a network test from my torrent client /biglybt/ the outbound connection is ok, but the inbound is blocked with fwrule="60001".
I spent the last couple of hours playing with it but I’m running out of ideas, especially because I have this other machine working with the same settings.

  • I myself have several working DNAT rules. You say that "basically everything is turned off", do you mean the switches are in the "off" position? If so, you need to enable these rules to make them active.

    Otherwise, please show us a line from the firewall log (best from the full firewall log).

  • In reply to apijnappels:

    thanks for your response, since then I could resolve the problem, it was an issue with the torrent software