Error message "Error loading administrators data"

I repeatedly getting the above error message pop up on the lower right corner while clicking around the new DLP rules.

  • Hi  

    Could you please share a screenshot of the error message? And do you see the error message every time you change something in DLP rules?

  • Yes, it happens everytime edit the DLP rule (Use Sophos List).  See attached mov and screenshot

  • In reply to AaronChen:

    The issue has been fixed.

    This issue occurred only in those accounts that had users with no mailboxes assigned to them i.e. in relatively old accounts that were created before the condition mandating mailboxes was enforced. Since it is no longer possible to add an user without a mailbox, both reproducing and fixing the issue was trickier than usual.

    Please keep posting such issues on this community, as it will help us fix those that team did not discover during testing.


    Thanks for highlighting the issue,


    Rahul Sinha