Issue: Sophos Central Admin – US-West region - Delays with the enforcement of Central policies on managed endpoints.

**Update 9** Root cause analysis KBA has been published: see knowledge base article for the latest.

**Update 8** As part of a routine database maintenance task customers may notice a few intermittent install and policy rendering failures. Please retry before contacting support. 7/17/2017 8:00 AM PST

**UPDATE 7** Some customers may notice a few intermittent install failures, please retry before contacting Sophos Support. 7/14/2017 2:00 PM PST

**UPDATE 6** Installations are being processed normally, service is restored. Please re-download installer from Central. 7/14/2017 9:00 AM PST

**UPDATE 5** Installations are now working as of July 13, 2017 19:00 UTC-5. See knowledge base article for the latest.

**UPDATE 4** New installs likely to still fail.!/ has latest update. 

**UPDATE 3** System is now processing backlogs. Please see last updates here.

**UPDATE 2** Issue is ongoing, apologies. Impacts all areas within Central that rely on MCS communication between client and Central. 7/13/2017 8:00 AM PST

**UPDATE** Development has identified root cause and is working on a fix. 


We are seeing delays with policy changes and enforcement in Sophos Central (US-West region) as well as installation failures due to inability of new endpoint installations to initially register. Our engineers are working to restore latency. Please note your endpoints remain protected. Updates will be provided on this thread.


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  • In reply to Chris Kasten:

    Two things:

    One - we should not have to constantly check a website for this information.  Most other companies we deal with have a set schedule and they provide email notification.

    Two - there is nothing to tell us when the next 'scheduled' maintenance will be.

  • In reply to K_M:

    My Sophos Console had a banner on 9/5 noting that it was "maintenance time". I never heard anything about it a head of time so I checked the Sophos Status page. There it showed the scheduled maintenance was dated for 9/6. They're scheduled and on the status page but they aren't servicing us by proactively informing us. Instead relying on us to check the status page if we have any problems.

    Sophos - Why do you make things so difficult for us? It seems like there is no communication internally at Sophos and definitely no proactive communication with us. My console was reporting maintenance the day before(9/5), then nothing on the actual day of maintenance and got kicked out of the console on 9/6. Maintenance is apart of life and systems need it, we all understand that. Systems go down, we all understand that. Unexpected difficulties come up and again, we all understand that. 
    But is it possible that a company of your size can send out a short email/notice to your affected clients when there's maintenance, an outage, new features being release, updates to certain services, literally any communication?....

  • In reply to Trevor Karppi:

    Not to jump on the bandwagon, but now that Sophos is a worldwide company covering numerous time zones something needs to be done regarding times and eta's.  If they just put a timer on the webpage so I do not have to figure out the timezone conversions would be nice.

  • In reply to B_B:

     The Sophos Central team is working on improvements for proactive communications. I don't have a timeframe to share yet.

     The Sophos Central status page does provide information when future updates occur. You can use the arrows to scroll to a future date and under Recent Posts, there will be information about upcoming events


  • In reply to Sure Win:

    So, when is the next scheduled maintenance then?  I can only go a few days in advance and it shows nothing.  Not helpful.

  • In reply to K_M:

     I'm confirming some dates with the Central team and also asking them to update the status page.

  • In reply to Sure Win:

    We are getting registration errors during installation again.  Is Central broken again?

  • In reply to K_M:

    Central status page is all green. I'll check with our internal teams

  • In reply to Sure Win:

    There was a "blip" in traffic. Could you please try again and it should succeed now? Let me know how it goes

  • In reply to Sure Win:

    It worked this time, but these 'blips' are way too frequent.

  • In reply to K_M:

    I'll definitely relay that back to the Central team. Gald to hear it worked on the retry.

  • In reply to Sure Win:

    Just had another install fail -- ERROR: Could not find a source for updated packages. We can reach the Central console from various systems, including the failed client.

  • In reply to Sure Win:

    Having the same thing at our company today. Failing installs, cannot find updates and failing to push policies as well.

    Sophos- Proactive communication with us on these forums? Are you still seeing these mysterious 'blips'? Please let us know and can you update Sophos Central if that is the case?

  • In reply to 1TruBob:

    Please retry and it should succeed now. Let me know how it goes

  • In reply to Sure Win:

    Can you tell us what the problem is? What is being done to fix this?