Sophos Central Endpoint and SEC: Computers fail/hang on boot after the Microsoft Windows April 9, 2019 update. Please follow knowledge base article 133945

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Controlled Updates - Updating Test Computers

We setup controlled updates to be manual some time ago and we added a single server into ‘Test computers’. Today i noticed a new Version (releases on Mar 12 2019) so i clicked on ‘Update test computers to newest version’. So we are expecting this server to receive a product update. I noted the version numbers of the components from the AV client on the server before clicking the button, they were as follows:

Core = 2.1.1

AV = 10.8.2

IntX = 2.0.3

We have not noticed these values change on the Server since clicking the button. (According to the latest versions of the components should be 2.1.4/10.8.3/2.0.5)

Can anybody advise me on when the product update will be performed on the server?


Many thanks

  • A quick update on this...

    I can see in the logs on the server (at C:\ProgramData\Sophos\AutoUpdate\logs) it's performing an auto update check every 60 mins

    I have noted that every 60 mins it reports the following lines in the logs:

    INFO  Delayed updating is configured.

    INFO Next product update scheduled for: 2019-03-13T14:00:00
    INFO Performing supplement only update.

    So its indicating its going to perform a product update today at 14:00.

    I've checked other servers in our estate (not in the Test Computers group) and they are reporting this in the logs too.

    Looking on the server in the test Group it's been reporting this in the logs before i clicked 'update test computers to newest version'

    So I'm still not sure what's dictating the date and time of this product update but I'll wait and see what happens at 14:00 today.

  • In reply to Chris Johnson3:

    An update:

    at 14:44 the server in our Test Computers group updated to the latest versions, so it did perform a product/engine update. It updated to:

    Core = 2.1.4
    AV = 10.8.3
    IntX = 2.0.5

    Interestingly the following line was present in the log file

    'INFO  Performing standard update'

    So it looks like IDE file updates show as 'INFO  Performing supplement only update' and product/engine updates show as 'INFO  Performing standard update'

    Some of our other servers that are not in the test computers group also performed a product/engine update at their next update cycle after 14:000 today, interestingly they've updated to a slightly older version:

    Core = 2.1.3
    AV = 10.8.2
    IntX = 2.0.4

    I'm still perplexed as to where the schedule which caused these servers to do product update this afternoon is set

    Does anybody know?



  • In reply to Chris Johnson3:

    Ok, i've found the answer to my question

    We have a Base Update Management policy applying to all servers which has the scheduled update set for 2PM on Wednesdays

    So it looks like when you click the button 'update test computers to newest version' it wont perform the update until this next scheduled time

  • In reply to Chris Johnson3:

    I believe if you disable the scheduled updates you gain the ability to deploy them when you want, by the method you described.


    I would try turning that schedule off and manually updating a PC/server by the way you previously tried.