VM configuration recommendations for SQL Server with SafeGuard Enterprise 8

We are planning to move our SafeGuard Enterprise 8 database to a VM. I can find no official guidance from Sophos about system requirements other than the stock minimum system requirements to run MS-SQL. Does anyone have ballpark recommendations for RAM, HDD, and vCPUs? Our environment will look like:

Windows Server 2012R2

MS-SQL Server 2012

Ca. 250 users

Primary use will be File Encryption on selected network folders

We are planning to install the web server on the same VM - I know this is not a best practice but it costs a lot less to upgrade specs on one VM than to spin up an additional VM.

Thanks for any tips.


  • I have SG8 installed on a VM but I HAVE split the web helpdesk element onto another server - not only for security, but also performance.

    I have SQL hosted on another box too.

    VM is 2 Processors ( E5-2640) and I have assigned 6GB RAM. It's 2012 R2. 2 x 100Gig Dynamic HDDs - one for OS, one for data.

    This server only runs the Management console - it doesn't host shares.

    SQL has its own requirements but is always a hungry beast. Give it loads of RAM and it'll use it! It should be easy enough though so find a good spec for SQL 2012R2 based server.