Dell Inspiron 15 requests Bit Locker Key after installing Safeguard Easy cannot access laptop


I'm completely new to Safeguard this has always been handled by a colleague so apologies in advance if these are 'newbie' questions.

The issue I have is that the laptop is asking for bit locker key. If I go to the safeguard policy manager and import the Sophos xml file I have for this user it asks for the challenge code. I cannot give the challenge code as I don't have UEFI POA screen with this laptop - this is a bit locker windows 10 machine and no PoA screen on login.

So I'm stuck in a catch 22 with this one - no bit locker code and no challenge code - how do I get around this?



  • Hey there Mike,

    Is the machine asking for a BitLocker startup key to boot the machine, or a BitLocker recovery key to recover the machine and enable it to boot?

    If you're trying to recover the machine via the console and it's giving you a response code rather than a recovery key you've most likely selected a machine with Full Disk Encryption installed, ie: the wrong machine.

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    Hi Toby

    I've raised a support case on this now - I'll post the resolution in here once I have an answer as it may help someone else in the future



  • In reply to mikefox:

    Any updates on this? I am faced with the same issue after what i suspect was Windows or BIOS upgrade.