performance over network drives and folders



Since we encrypted the legal team computers, they can not search as fast as they did before the sophos disk encryption was installed.

As a part of their workflow they should search on a network drive. They has thousands of pdf files inside it and they've to find the latest partner contract signed with.

With no encryption,  searches get back instants results. With disk encrypted they can wait several minutes to get back some results. This is huge trouble for them.

Same occurs loading some folders with thousands of pdf files takes several minutes to show as well.

Is there any way to improve that?


PS. Windows 10 (1803) an SSD

Thanks for helping

  • [UPDATE]

    I can confirm that this patch doesn't fix these problems.

    Searching over the network drives still very slow.



    Hi everyone,

    Sophos sent us a resolution for this known behavior.


    We'll test it and let y'all know

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    I have a case open with Sophos too #8300032 (Dev ref:DPSGN-14511)

    They've pointed me to this:

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    Hi Simon,

    Thanks for replying. Unfortunately this KB doesn't work for us. Sophos support sent us same procedure with no success.

    In our troubleshooting we saw that using native bitlocker (with no sophos installed) has same behavior as if computer is unencrypted, with excellent overall performance.


    Keep on it

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    So you're using Sophos to manage BitLocker and you're saying this is impacting performance? Are you also using File Encryption or just full disk?

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    We've few laptop encrypted with sophos and bitlocker, full disk, (windows 10 1803) which is having problems loading files over network files, not just loading but even searching files.


    On a testing laptop, disk encrypted with just bitlocker, everything is working fine.


    We already have an opened case with Sophos Support.

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    it´s hard to imagine that SafeGuard's BitLocker Management alone has an impact on the search performance on a share.
    The file encryption modules (like Synchronized Encryption or Location based file encryption) however easily can. This can even be the case if you have not configured any file encryption related policies.

    In a nutshell, if you don´t need file encryption capabilities you should not install these modules. If you do, it depends a bit on your usecase. For example if you don´t need to encrypt files on network shares you can configure, that the file filter driver does not attach itself there which should have a pretty positive impact on the performance. (General Settings Policy > File Encryption > Ignored Devices > check the "network" box).



  • You can also just downgrade to, which doesn't have this issue for us.

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    Yeah I agree it's hard to imagine that.

    We will try to exclude network resources from our sophos general settings policy.

    Most of users as no problems with that but only windows 10 build 1803 users.

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    We cannot downgrade version due Mac compatibility issues. We upgraded in order to use sophos on Mac OS Mojave.

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    version 8.10 is required for Mojave that´s correct. However, that does not mean that you cannot use 8.00.5 for Windows Clients.

    Even W10 1803 and 1809 are supported with the corresponding patch level of 8.00.5 (see This version is still based on a legacy file filter driver and can be behave a bit different, also in terms of performance in certain scenarios.

    The 8.10 server can manage clients down to SGN 6.0 (details: ) so you could also mix it (macOS 8.10 / Win 8.005) if performance in 8.0 is better in your environment.



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    So fast so good :D

    We'll try your advice, installing 8.00.5 fully patched and we'll test network performance.


    By the way, my colleagues say me we already modified our general settings policy with no success. Sophos asked us a lot of technical information in order to scale the opened case.

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    Sophos support gave us a workaround in order to mitigate this issue. As you said they also suggested us to downgrade to Sophos Safeguard Encryption 8.00.5 fully patched and asked us more information to deeply investigate.

    Solved and fixed.