Puremessage installation in a culster

Hello everyone,


This is a scenerio of a client of mine, who used to use puremessage in a single node microsoft exchange sever. Now they have clustered the microsoft exchange server and want to sync both of the servers with puremessage. If you can help me with the guidance to install the puremessage in the other node of the cluster that would be helpful.

Also please share with me the process of export or collecting history log of the existing puremessage's log history.


If I can sync the servers now with the puremessage??If yes then how can I do that?


And if I need to do a fresh installation then I will have to use the servers as an active/passive mode.Then for the passive mode, will puremessage scan the server?


I need an emergency solution with proper guidance.If there is anything which is not clear just ask and will be waiting for someone to response.Thank you.

  • No one knows anything regarding this?

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     please help me regarding this.

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    Hello Musfiqur Rahman,

    thanks for your trust in me, unfortunately I have no hands-on experience with PureMessage, let alone in a clustered Exchange environment. All I know is that there's Appendix A in the Startup Guide.

    Then there's a post (PureMessage 4.03 on Exchange 2016 Cluster) by who apparently ha some experience (but perhaps not with a single node→cluster scenarion). I don't follow this forum but I suggest that you search for puremessage cluster exchange - there might be some relevant threads.


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    Thank you Christian for your prompt response and suggestion.

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    Unlike a single-node Exchange Environment, a clustered Exchange server cannot host the PureMessage SQL Database.  The SQL Database must be hosted on a separate server altogether.   The installation instructions were a little vague about this but after much trial and error I did get it to work.  Under the database requirements it does say "For cluster server installations, PureMessage cannot use a local MSDE or SQL Server Express instance."

    What I found which worked very well was having a member server (not a domain controller) as a dedicated dedicated SQL Server hosting Sophos Enterprise Endpoint.  Once I started the PureMessage installation on each of the Exchange Servers in the cluster, I pointed them to the server hosting SQL.  From that point each machine immediately connected and started filtering content from the message stores.   

    Concerning the logs, the following article was very helpful:  https://community.sophos.com/kb/en-us/117388


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    Hello Cal,

    Thanks for your response and we will get back to you after trying this.