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Phishing Campaigns are Broken

When sending a phishing campaign out to a group of users, it appears that the mail system selects one of their names and then just sends everyone the same email with that 1 person's name. For instance all 36 people I just sent a campaign to all ended up with Kevin's name on the email when that is not their name. What makes this worse, is that if people other than kevin click on the link in the email, it counts it as kevin clicking on the email when he did not. It also will show any training done as Kevin and not the person who actually failed the test. 

  • Guys,

    Any solution? We're opening a support case today for this too.

  • In reply to Fernando Karl:

    I do have a ticket open with Sophos as well. They let me know that night that it has been escalated to their global escalation team and they are working on a fix. I did notice though, that as of 15 minutes ago my campaigns that I send seem to be working. I sent a few test campaigns out this morning and they had the correct name and they logged the URL click properly. So try and send a small campaign if possible to see if its now working.

  • In reply to Steve Dugger:

    Steve, we have talked with support minutes ago and they provided the escalation too. So, it looks not working now.

    We will test recreating some groups and sending a campaign again.

    Any news, I'll post here again.

  • In reply to Fernando Karl:


    On our tests campaigns are working now, but we will wait till tomorrow before proceed.