Phish Threat adds two trainings and eleven new phishing templates

By popular demand, we added two new training modules to Phish Threat in October. Both trainings are available to all Phish Threat customers.

  • Intro to Phishing (2 min): this short phishing overview is perfect for new users and covers the basics of how to spot a phish.
  • Public Wi-fi (5 min): this training exposes the dangers of connecting to public wi-fi hotspots through an engaging first-hand demonstration. 

The following phishing templates are also available now:

  • Australian Federal Police Subpoena Notice
  • Background Check Notification
  • Brexit Opinion Poll
  • Desjardins Bank Account Alert
  • Employee Survey Announcement
  • Equifax Credit Monitoring Alert
  • Jira Task Notification
  • Google Calendar Reminder
  • Google Hangouts Phishing
  • Invoice Home Invoice
  • Recruiter Email

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