iPad Air- determining if Sophos is even working

Just recently installed Sophos (free version) on iPad. When I click on icon, it says all protected, but I see no sign on Safari or email that it's even there. There is nothing at all anywhere other then the app icon on my home page. What am I missing?

  • Hi Steve,

    Sophos Mobile Security for iOS does not provide any kind of Web Filtering or Anti-Virus functionality as it does on Android.

    The app just provides the functionality as shown within the app itself.

    Best regards

  • The Sophos latest version is not working on the iPad Air as I have tried to install the Sophos version on the iPad but it did not happen. The thing is that it also affected my iTunes account and I am not being able to access the iTunes also and getting iTunes error 9.

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    What is the exact error you are receiving when you are trying to install Sophos Mobile Security application on your iPad? A screenshot would greatly help. Please make sure you create a separate post when the issue you are facing is different from the issue posted in an existing thread.