Apple DEP phone showing when you sync with DEP, but not showing up in Managed Devices

 I moved a phone from one MDM to Sophos.  In Apple Business Manager, I moved it from one server to the other successfully.  When I open Sophos Mobile and sync with DEP, I see the new device as an Apple DEP Device.  I assign it to a profile and profile status is showing as Assigned.  The problem is, when I go to devices, I don't see the new device.  Any ideas??

  • Hi Bryan,

    Have you been using a different MDM before?

    Have you actually enrolled SMC on that device or not? If yes please let me know, which procedure did you use?

    Have you had a look at the KBA - ?

    Please follow the below steps and let me know if that helps.

    1. Connect to the Sophos Mobile Control web console
    2. Go to Setup | Syste setup
    3. Switch to the Apple DEP profiles tab
    4. Edit the DEP profile in question
    5. Within the Enrollment tab enable the checkbox for the the Install SMC app option
    6. Within the iOS setup tab, enable the Skip Apple ID checkbox
    7. Reset the device and enroll the device again with SMC
    8. Now, the Sophos Mobile Control app should be correctly installed and configured. The user has to open the app once and synchronize with the Sophos Mobile server.
      Otherwise, the device will stay in the status Enrolling

    If the above does not help please raise a support case and we would be happy to assist you.