Sophos Secure Mail syncing Contacts that were deleted in Outlook



one of our employees deleted alot of his contacts from Outlook (which were in different folders before), but Sophos still has all of the contacts and folders in the "contacts" thus when tapping on "all contacts" he has some of the contacts 2-4 times.

I even uninstalled und unregistered all of the Sophos Apps to completly re-register him in the Sophos Console, but it still has all the folders with contacts from his Outlook.

Renewing the Database in the Email App itself didn't help either and now I am kind of lost.


Got another short question: Is it somehow possible to access the contacts with the cars bluetooth device, without transfering the business contacts to the phone ?


best regards

  • Hi  

    I believe this requires in-depth investigation by our support staff. I would suggest you open a case with our support department.

    Regarding your other question, it is not possible to view the contact on the car's infotainment system if the contacts are not present on the smartphone. 

  • Not really and it is the fault of Microsoft for its bad naming conventions. While it would be nice to say that Outlook is that program on a Windows machine it is confused with their onlline Outlook web-mail service which usually handles the new style HotMail as well as HotMail email accounts. Confused? Wait, it gets worse. 
    MSN email accounts are a de-riguer email of no choice for CenturyLink customers as well as other DSL customers. 
    But the service that keeps all of these going is Microsoft's "Exchange Onlike" service which of course use Microsoft Exchange SMTP program. 1and1 uses Microsoft Exchange servers and there are others that use them as well.