Automatic VPP updates in version 8.6



The latest Sophos Mobile version introduced automatic update to VPP installed apps, which is the feature I was waiting for since forever. There is not really any description about it's functionality and unfortunately what it looks like, is that the Sophos requires to have AppleID account on the device to be able to update the apps "automatically". Is this true that AppleID account needs to be present on all devices for this to work?  If yes, then this feature is completely useless, because having AppleId on the device means that everybody can just update their apps if necessary and basically kind of defeats the idea of having VPP and DPP iOS devices in the company.




  • I would like to know more about this too.... we recently upgraded to v8.6 hoping this feature would enable us to auto update our VPP apps installed on all our supervised iOS12.1 devices since we do not permit the app store on devices - only the enterprise app store via the sophos control app. We enabled the feature but then a popup appeared on the devices asking users to sign in to iTunes which is what we DON'T want to happen. We had to switch it back off.


    Anyone got any more info on this feature?




  • In reply to Nicky Murray:

    I've just watched a Sophos Webinar about DEP/VPP ant the technical representative was unable to answer that question. If I can update the app by installing it again from SMC then why it is so hard to make a scheduled task which automatically "re-install" all the installed apps for all devices? Or at least some of them? When I need to create AppleID for all users then I don't need VPP at all.