2 Exchange Konten

Hallo Zusammen, seit kurzem funktioniert in G-Mail, beu Usern mit 2 Exchange Konten, nur noch eines davon.
In Sophos Mobile ist Kontenverwaltung erlaubt.
Habt Ihr Ideen wie die User wieder 2 Konten erhalten?

  • Hi  

    I'd just want to inform you that if your queries are specifically related to Gmail, Sophos mobile doesn't support Gmail as an exchange environment.

    If it is general, please help us understand your query with a detailed description of the issue.

  • Actually, you can open two Exchange accounts at the same time. In Outlook 2003, go to Tools, Email Accounts, View or Change and hit Next, highlight Microsoft Exchange Server and hit Change, More Settings, Advanced, and under Open these additional mailboxes subway gift card balance hit Add..., then type in the username of the other mailbox.