I have a valid license for HitmanPro (for years now). 

I want to use this license on my new computer, have my old one cleaned and reset to factory settings (new install)

Although HitmanPro does not exist on my old computer anymore, I can not use my key in HitmanPro on my new computer.

Does anyone now a solution for this?

Thanks in advance!

  • Hello  


    There are two types of HitmanPro - Malware Removal Tool 1. Hitman Pro    (Which for Home Users) 

                                                                                         2. Sophos Clean   (for Business)



    Hope you have a Sophos Account to handle your licenses of Sophos Products. You will see your license validity on your Sophos Account also and also able to add your Hitman Pro license if that is still valid !


    Thanks in Advance