InterceptX component not available under server protection

Just installed server protection on a machine and noticed the InterceptX component not listed on the end point protection client. We have a valid license.

Is it a built into the server client?


  • What do you mean exactly?


    Intercept X is only for Client Endpoints but the Sophos Central Server Protection Advanced has implemented the Crypto Guard Module.

    And as is see Cryptoguard is installed.


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    I read in Gartner's Report, that Intercept X cannot coexist with on-premises version of Sophos Endpoint Protection,  does that means that client's on-premises endpoints do not work properly with Intercept X?

    I'm confused

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    If you are using SEC for Endpoint Protection then you have to make a decision. If you want to use Sophos Intercept X you have to migrate your SEC to Sophos Central. 

    If you want to use further SEC then you need to use Sophos Exploit Prevention. Exploit Prevention is the on Prem Version of Intercept X without Root Cause Analysis. 



    Intercept X will only work with Sophos Central Endpoint.  If you do the Intercept X rollout the old SEC Client will be automatically deinstalled.