'ROP' Exploit prevented in Microsoft Visio



I just installed Microsoft Visio 2016 on a HP Spectre Pro X3 Notebook with Windows 10 Pro installed.

Installation went just fine but when trying to enter the Product Key, either manually by typing or via copy/paste Visio is closed and I get the following error from Sophos:

'ROP' Exploit prevented in Microsoft Visio'

How can I prevent this and enter the product key and use Visio normally?

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  • Hey Marcel!

    If you're certain that this isn't a malicious detection and is a false positive, you can exclude a specific exploit detection in a certain application by setting a Scanning Exclusion in your Threat Protection policy.

  • In reply to SecBug:

    We have had issues with MS Powerpoint and Java with Expolit. We have excluded it However What would be the long run plan to have this resolved?

  • In reply to skyisbluescreen:

    yea I agree.. I'm seeing false positives in Excel and PowerPoint.  Seems a bit counter intuitive to exclude office applications or applications in general when they could be susceptible to attacks...  

  • Is there any word on when this will be fixed?  Trying to activate copies of Visio and can't due to Intercept X killing the Visio exe