Sophos Anti-Virus: version release dates

Hi All,

Based on the link at Sophos site we should have a latest version of Sophos Antivirus but its still showing the old version. What are the requirements to push latest updates.

Reference to the link it should be VE3.74.1 but our Server is still showing VE3.73.0. Should this be done by itself with automatic updates or have to deploy. If with auto updates then why its not been updated?

Ref. Link :

Please advise.

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  • Hello Faisal,

    what I've said on the thread you've started in November 2018 is still true: the dates are estimates. The updates will be automatic.
    Furthermore please note the Note: in the article (emphasis mine): Updates are staged and are rolled out throughout each month. Occasionally the latest versions shown for a month in the calendar may not be available to every customer during that month due to the way that we roll out updates