SFTP Publish in LAN over Cyberoam UTM



I need help,  we are using Cyberoam UTM - CR1000iNG-XP.  I need to publish our SFTP running on Linux in LAN Zone, external vendor will use this SFTP for upload/Download of files.


Please help me with steps, do I need to create Virtual host for this and then create Firewall Rule ?  I also need that external vendor can only access this SFTP in or LAN, nothing else and they should also not be able to browse internet when they are in our SFTP which is in LAN Zone.


Much appreciated for the help. 


Warm Regards,


  • Yes Mate you have to create virtual host and there are two options to create an automatic firewall rules or not. Specify the internal and external IP from WAN TO LAN who will accessed the server for access security you want to apply.


    Warm Regards,