Top 10 Community Users for January 2016

Hello everyone,

To start 2016 off right, we'd like to recognize and reward our top 10 community contributors for the month of January. These users were selected based on how active they were during the month and how many issues they assisted in resolving. All of them showed a great attitude towards others and went the extra mile to help out.

As a token of our appreciation, they will all be receiving a $100 gift card to the Sophos Store! More information on our community rewards program will be coming shortly. Stay tuned to this blog!

(deleted user)

Thank you,

Bob Ianson | Sophos Community Manager

  • Not that I am unhappy for being listed here...;), but curious what criteria and algorithms do you use when creating the list ?

    I hope that it is fully automated process without human intervention possibility...;)

  • Good question! We are looking at stats so there is no bias. It's also not to say there aren't other users who were exceptional during January, there definitely were! We will further define the rewards program in the near future.