Changes to Activity Story Stream


We've recently made some changes to the Activity Story Stream which we think will result in a better, more personalized experience for you. Now, when you are logged into the community, the Activity Story Stream (located below forums list) will only show posts that you are involved in. This includes posts you started, replies to that post, and posts where you have been mentioned.

We hope you enjoy the new stream!



  • 1. Is the Activity Story type enabled? Go to the Control Panel > Membership Administration > Configuration > Activity Story Settings, and check the value for "Profile Avatar". Description of the values are at the top of the page, but would suggest one of the "Always On" values.  [url=]R Programming Training[/url]

    2. Is the Activity Story type enabled for the Activity List? Go to "Edit Page", configuration options for the "Activity Story Stream" widget, "Filter 1" (or any of the other filters if you are using them) and ensure the "Profile Avatar" is set to the appropriate Include value.  [url=]DataStage Training[/url]  | [url=]SQL Training[/url] | [url=]SAS Training[/url] |  [url=]Android Training[/url]  |   [url=]SharePoint Training[/url]

    Also worth noting that if you have just enabled the activity plugin, it won't retrospectively create activity for old avatar changes.