Sophos NDR "bootlooping"

Hello Community,

i have two NDR VMs active at two locations.

Now one of them works just fine, capturing packets from our network switches and uploading them to Sophos Central.

The other one also captures packets just fine, but doesn't want to start after a reboot.

Booting into the Ubuntu OS work fine but the VA fails to start, showing the startup checklist, trying to reinstall the Machine Learning and NDR detection Pod and jumping back to the Ubuntu startup screen, only to get back to the startup checklist and doing it all over again.

I left it running for 30 minutes but it keeps running in circles.

This already happened with a previous iteration of the VM, after which i deleted and rebuild the NDR integration for that site.

I doubt its a Hardware problem, as both sites' VMs are running on the same Hardware configuration on VMware ESXi 6.7.0 Hosts