New Linux malware with name "SingletonLock" and "SingletonCookie" detected and removed - are there else files affected by these two viruses ?!

I have let run Sophos AV for Linux and detected no viruses but two "faults".

These "faults" were reported as "SingletonLock" and "SingletonCookie" in folder of Chrome-Browser, which

lies in the home-folder in directory .config


I have removed and deleted these two faults, but want to know, if there are else files affected by these two viruses ?!

(I guess they are written by beginners, because they could be easily deleted and removed - as user (not as root).)

  • Hello - a little actualization by this post -

    It seems that "SingletonLock" and "SingletonCookie" are as files only saving themselves

    in Google-Chrome or in Chromium - Folder of .config - directory.

    .config - directory is hidden folder in /home/$user