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Gold image methods clarification

I appreciate this has already effectively been asked in the following post.

 set up gold image to be deployed 

The case I'm looking to use this on is for a VMware template, so having the server template VM with the goldimage option. When new VMs are deployed from this template and get sysprep etc. with a rename as part of that (expected to happen within the timeout period). Then my understanding is that when they register in Sophos Central they will be seen as NEW devices with no link back to that original templated device in Central. Is that correct? So they would be the same as if someone had just created a new server VM and installed Sophos Central from scratch? For this use case I'm not doing any VDI, or non-persistent related work, it is for simple server VM deployment use (that will be live for many years).

Please can someone confirm that after a successful rename and new identity, that the server then doesn't do any "check for identity" timeout? That this is limited to just the template "goldimage" device?

Or given the above use case, would I be better using the older scripted method, rather than the "--goldimage" option method?

Also I see in the post above, the statement "The older content remains for reference purposes should customers have a need for it." - it would be useful if KB's and pages on could have both the last modified date AND the created date. This way it is easy to see whether you are looking at an old method that has recently had an update/modification to the content, or just newer content in general. Thanks.

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