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Anyone else seeing Web Filtering Issues on MacOS Ventura and Endpoint 10.4.7?

So we haven't dealr with Macs much in the past... however due to some recent developments, we've had to start dealing with them.  I've deployed MDR / Intercept X endpoint to two brand new, out of the box MacOS devices (one a macbook, one a mac mini) and on both I see issues with Sophos Endpoint not performing basic web filtering correctly.  One of the devices is running Ventura 13.0, the other 13.3.1 .  The deal is, in Safari and Chrome, web filtering works correctly (testing with as long as the URL is not https:// --- enable TLS/SSL for the test URL and it fails to filter anything at all.

Started a support case on it, no progress so far (asked me to enabled / disable TLS decryption in the policy, etc.).  Just seems to be broken.  Endpoint reports everything is fine (extensions, etc. all enabled, the filters are present in the network config and enabled, etc.).  Anyone else seen this?  For the Sophos folks, the case ID is 06415915.

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