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Sophos Intercept X (Endpoint), Sophos XG and iBoss Web Filtering

* Posting here as it touches multiple Sophos products *

We currently have a client that are experiencing significant issues since early last week whereby users of the VPN are being intermittently disconnected and a 'cypher' error detailed within the Sophos Connect client log.

For clarity, they have Sophos Intercept X deployed on all endpoints, and use Sophos Connect to access the corporate network via VPN. The VPN has a split tunnel configuration, with all traffic not destined for corporate internal IP addresses 'sent out' via their local internet breakout, with the traffic protected by iBoss Web Filtering.

Within the local network there have been no changes, and up until this point both Sophos and iBoss have been unable to identify root cause. From initial testing, disabling the iBoss Service appears to 'resolve' the issue. This has been fed back to iBoss, and in turn they said that 'there is an outstanding issue with iBoss and Sophos AV that we are waiting on Sophos to resolve'. Now I don't know how true this is, but is anyone else using this, or a similar, configuration and experiencing similar issues?

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