I have some very exciting news - the Sophos Threat Hunting Academy is back! We're all so excited about getting to do this again, and can't wait to get started!

Starting 14th July, we have 4 new live and interactive sessions for you, this time focusing on why more data is better when you're threat hunting, and how to harness the power of Sophos XDR to take your hunting skills to the next level. We'll look at bringing endpoint, email, server and firewall data in from your estate, and using the richness of this larger data set to help you hone in on the real threats before they get dangerous.

As with last time, we'll round everything off with a fully interactive and live threat hunt, to put everything into practice.

To whet your appetite, check out the special preview video we've just launched, which takes a sneak peek at what's coming up, as well as what's gone on in the world of Threat Hunting since Season 1.

Excited? You should be! Head on over to https://events.sophos.com/globaltha2021 to register and secure your place, and I look forward to seeing you on 14th July to get this next season underway.


P.S. Some more good news - attending the upcoming sessions will give you 5 CPE credit hours towards your cyber industry certifications. Win-win.