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Uninstall SafeGuard without decrypting Bitlocker

Hello. I am trying to figure out how to uninstall SafeGuard Enterprise v7 without having to decrypt BitLocker. We are just moving to another product for the escrow of the key. Due to the age of some assets and time to decrypt (legacy hard drives) I rather not do it just to change the product we are escrowing the keys with. Especially as we'll just bitlocker it with teh same exact settings. Before our contract was up we were told that would allow us to do this but I cannot figure it out. The policy has not been touched in years but allows decrypt and uninstall.

When you uninstall the client (after removing the client config) you get error 25804. I assume I am missing something in the policy to allow this? Or maybe a switch to pass the MSI to allow uninstall without decrypt?


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