Sophos Connect v1.3 early release

Hey Everyone,


I'm happy to announce that Sophos Connect v1.3 is available for testing! While Sophos Connect as a whole, is still considered EAP, this is because the overall VPN management experience is not yet to the level we want. The VPN client binaries, are otherwise release quality. That said, the binaries being made available here for testing are an early access (EAP) release. 



  • Multiple Language support
  • Official support for connections to UTM9
  • Add ability to run domain logon scripts after the tunnel is established
  • Configure connection-specific DNS Suffix for the TAP adapter if configured via Sophos Connect Admin or pushed via UTM Policy
  • Update CLI command to modify gateway and clear credentials in testing/staging setups

Issues resolved

  • NC-34721 [Remote Access] Route table is not cleaned up if the strongswan service crashes while the connection is active
  • NC-41498 [Remote Access] Renegotiate Phase 2 after a Phase 2 delete request is received by the client
  • NC-42217 [Remote Access] Update connection properties (remote traffic selectors) when re-importing connection
  • NC-43421 [Remote Access] Select DH group (ecp256 = grp19) if configured DH proposal is MODP_1024 when tgb file is imported in Sophos Connect
  • NC-43604 [Remote Access] Authentication fails when using % character in a password that precedes a numeric character. Example @Pienda%2019 will fail.
  • NC-43622 [Remote Access] Support the ability to import certificate based connection file from UTM via CLI
  • NC-44127 [Remote Access] Wake from sleep does not restart Auto-Connect enabled connection
  • NC-44373 [Remote Access] Implement check for Internet Connectivity using API available in the OS
  • NC-45021 [Remote Access] Add existing connection in TSR for ease of troubleshooting
  • NC-45244 [Remote Access] Sophos Connect doesn't prompt for OTP after phase 1 rekey
  • NC-45688 [Remote Access] Canceling the connection on Authentication screen is updating the last connected status


Download Links

  • While at it, it would have been nice to list how-to, videos, documentations links ...  Et.C.  If it exists.

    Paul Jr

  • on win10 build 17763.437 the "remote networks" area of the systray app gui is only showing three /24 subnets but there are actually 25 subnets in the scx file that was imported which are a mix of /24, /22, and /16.  They all still populate in the output of the route print command and route correctly on vpn.


    edit: this problem is fixed in the latest build

  • I agree, although I did manage to figure it out in about 5 minutes.


    is there any idea when this will be released officially?

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