ssh unexpectedly closes connection

During the beta I usually use putty to ssh into XG and leave that session up for days. After EAP3 R1, the session is closed automatically after a short time. Maybe you guys did that for efficiency reasons but that is not a desired behavior.


  • Refresh1 has now a SSH Timeout in IDLE after 15 Mins. 

    Its a "Security" Feature, not efficiency. 

    Will be documented in the future release notes. 

    You can actually workaround this with any SSH Client, which delivers a keep alive. 


    The point behind such security features is: It is actually bad practice to be logged in as a admin and IDLE the sessions. 

    Many systems implement a IDLE Timeout value for security reasons. 



  • I hadn't seen it in any release notes so figured it was a part of some kind of streamlining. Security wise, I suppose ssh is as secure as anything else if you leave it logged in and leave your console unattended. Wish they would put a toggle switch in the GUI for logout timing but you are right I can do keep alive on the client which makes the server security argument pointless.

    Thanks for the heads up.