EAP 3: Quick HA problems

Hi all,

Have two SG 210 rev. 3 devices.

Waited for EAP3 to test the new HA version (QuickHA)

My primary device has been upgraded from v17 to v18 EAP1 --> EAP 2 and now, successfully EAP 3

My secondary device was installed with EAP 3 ISO.


Did setup both, with Quick HA, everything went fine and "green", did a failover to secondary device, all went well and primary rebooted.


But..never came back up.


Looking in CTsyndc.log on seconday device, all sync are successfull, except for dhcp6.lease file, as I do not use IPv6 dhvcp server.


Also LCD in old primary is just blank with a "-" sign in the top line.


Attached a screen, and it went into XG Failsafe.


The new master (The secondary), have Dead heartbeat service, also UI i VERY slow, CPU is just 6%.


I am now formatting both SG210 with EAP 3 ISO, restore from backup (without HA), and will try the Quick HA setup again.

i will keep you posted :-)

  • Another thing:


    PortC (E2) is DMZ on SG devices

    It is no possible to change to Port D (E3) which is labeled HA on the front, why?



    Best regards Martin ;-)

    Sophos UTM Certified Engineer 9.5
    Sophos  XG  Certified Engineer 17.1
    Homelab: 1 x SG210 XG v18 - 3xAPX530 - 1 x SG210 v9.7 - 1 x UTM 220 v9.7 - 1 x SG135 v9.7 (All Fullguard Plus licenses)

  • I have the same behavior.
    I can't dial the port.
    I've compared it on several appliances.
    The system automatically takes the first available port here.



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