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Sophpos XG Firewall + Home Licence + Wlan AP?


i've got a question about the the Licence model. 


Iam using the new XG Firewall with an Home Key. First i have read something about a trial of 30 Days.  Is this right, or is it possible to use the XG firewall unlimited.  

=> Iam using it for my private home. 


Another question is about ne WLAN function. Is it allowed to use the sophos Access Point with a Home licence? 

Or have I to buy a additional Licence ? 

=> I want to use the Sophos APs which are shown in following manual. (Accespoints)


Thanks for your Help. 

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  • Mario,

    The home license should not be used for business. The only limitation is : 4 core and 6 GB of ram.

    Home license includes all the features.

    Also the basic license now includes wireless protection.

    At home I am using Home license with Sophos AP 10.



    Security Architect

    UTM Certified Architect - XG Certified Architect

  • Thanks for your Auswer.

    Before buying an AP, where schuld I install it?

    Is it possible to create following network Strukturen?

    WAN -> Sophos xg -> LAN (28 Port switch) -> computers and accesspoints?

    Or should It connect to another physikal network card in the Firewall.

    Thanks a Lot

  • Mario,

    with Sophos AP, you can achieve 3 different kind of Configuration:

    • Bridge to AP LAN: You can bridge a wireless network into the network of an access point, which means that wireless clients share the same IP address range. 
    • Bridge to VLAN: You can decide to have this wireless network's traffic bridged to a VLAN of your choice. This is useful when you want access points to be in a common network separate from the wireless clients.
    • Separate Zone: a new virtual network adapter is created so a new network is created.

    Here the online docs where you can find all the options and further info.



    Security Architect

    UTM Certified Architect - XG Certified Architect

  • Thanks for your help. 


    I've ordered an AP 15 and it works very fine. The range of this AP is very good and it is very easy to set up. 


    Tanks a lot.