How to reset alert Messages in Dashboard

How can i reset Alert Messages in the XG Dashboard?

  • Hi Sascha,

    These are notification alerts which are automated when there are security changes, firmware updates, pattern updates, etc. This cannot be reset. You have to restart Firewall to clear these.


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  • I had the RSA alert few days before the mr1-1. Even restarting the XG did not help. The error went away after the MR1-1.


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  • I have restarted the FW maybe 3 times the past 2 months and upgraded to a new version. We have still 4 alerts (we did all the steps written in the KB article)


    3m ago
    All admin and local user accounts must reset their passwords per KBA135412Click here to access the User page.
    4m ago
    Hotfix applied for SQL Injection and partially cleaned. Additional steps may be required to secure your network. Please read KBA-135412 for possible next steps.
    3m ago
    HF052220.1 applied. Local and guest user password reset required for accounts that have not reset their password since 2200 UTC on April 25, 2020. Local users will be disabled from signing in to the user portal from the WAN zone until password is reset. Please read KBA-135493 for recommended next steps.
    2m ago
    HF062020.1 applied. HTTP/S bookmarks feature has been retired. Please refer to KBA-133872 for recommended next steps.
  • It can't be done. I did a trial of Sandstorm and did not opt to buy it and I have had a warning for years that Sandstorm is expired.  

  • Hi all,

    all other alerts age off but not hot fixes. You can't even cancel them using the CM last time I tried.


    Update:- after connecting to my CM account and dismissing 2 link failure  alerts the hot fix alerts are no longer displayed i the XG GUI.

    V18.0.x - e3-1225v5 6gb ram on 4 port MB with AP55/c - 20w. 
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