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Playstation 4 unable to download updates.

Sophos XG Home set up.  Game updates start to download, but then quit.  What type of set up do I need to allow downloads.  Traffic shaping is configured optimize for real time.  Static IP address is configured on the PS4.


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  • If you figure this out, please let me know. I am having the exact same issue with a PS3. Downloads appear to be dropped when downloaded outside of the playstation store (download list). Downloads within the store work, but updates fail once an app/game is launched. I have checked every log I can think of but don't see anything being dropped.
  • Create a special policy for appliances (eg. PS4, PS3, XBox, streaming boxes etc) and disable HTTP/HTTPS scanning and set WebFilter to None.


  • I have made a new rule for my gaming devices and put it above the "general" LAN to WAN rule. When i turn off "scan http" on the general LAN to WAN rule it's ok. 

    But the LAN to WAN rule for the Gaming Devices (selected on MAC address) doesn't work. Any ideas? What am I doing wrong?


  • Tim, Firewall rules using MAC address do not work yet. I would suggest to create an exception for the URL your play station is using and it should work. Let us know. Thanks


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  • Hi Luk,

    I managed to get it working (download and upload for the PSN network).

    Your tip helped me to combine it with another post already here in the forum.


    How to get it managed in an XG-series:

    Go to Protect > Web > Exclusions


    And add "Matching URLs":













    After enabling this exception, it worked.