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Dear all,

I need help to publish my two application running on two different VMs on my LAN. I need to access them from outside (WAN) via name and not public IP like:


I have 2 public IPs that I would like to assing each one for web and another for the application. When I do that the first WAN goes down, my firewall just allow one public IP UP at the time.

What are the best way to do it.

Please advise.

Nelson Chamba\

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  • Hi, 

    Definitely yes, my ISP also can't handle 2 IPs using the same MAC-address. 

    Using WAF service is not running on my appliance it says: No web server configured

    According with faster reading about the WAF it focused on protecting my webserver is it the same as making the two webservers be accessible by out side via URL?

    Nelson Chamba

  • yes, you can send to one Server
    and to another Server

    also possible using WAF is is to send the following to different servers:

    all servers + + may share the same IP.


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