Sophos XG Firewall Home Edition


yestarday i moved from pfsense to sophos xg whit home license Everthing is working i like th ui but one thing i dont understand is how to setup qos?

My speeds is 3 Mbps upload and 60 Mbps down its VDSL connection on pppoe

What i want is trottle bittorrent to 30 Mbps And 2 Mbps upload

In the traffic shaping settings i see Total wan bandwith but what? Upload or diwnload?

Also im gaming on my pc So i need consistenn and stable upload even if i downloading on bittorrent clien?

Anyone have a normal guide how to setup qos on sophos xg latest release?

[edited by: mark hamil at 2:44 PM (GMT -8) on 25 Feb 2021]

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