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Here my question:

1. How can I set up SNAT if my public Subnet ( it´s not configure in any interface? It´s possible? Can I create a Loopback interface on XG?

2. Publish my website (DNAT)!

Any idea?


- I push my network ( to ISP 1 and 2.

- I receive a default route from ISP 1 and 2.

- No interface configure on XG with my public network (

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  • This is should as far as i know. So simply create the SNAT as you can select a custom address, which does not require to be on your XG. 

    Also die DNAT should be possible, as you can do the same for DNAT. The requirements of NAT does not need anything actual on the appliance. Simply create the needed hosts and verify, the traffic gets correct as expected to the XG. 


  • Next Friday I will have a maintenance window to do this! I will let you know my results, so fingers crossed!!!

    If all goes well, next time we will talk about BGP for WAN routing and OSPF on the LAN (redistributing BGP routes).
    Best Regards!

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