Unable to upgrade to SFOS 18.0.4 MR-4 on xg310

Currently my sophos xg310 is running version SFOS 17.5.15 MR-15 , and in the update firmware section on the firewall portal i see an option to download and install SFOS 18.0.4 MR-4. It seem to download and install just fine, but after install/reboot it keep reverting back to SFOS 17.5.15 MR-15 as active image instead of the 18.0.4. I try forcing it to boot as active image, but no luck.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

  • Hello Naeem,

    Thank you for contacting the Sophos Community!

    Please open a case with Support and provide me with the Case ID.

    To expedite and found what might be happening  do the following:

    1) Put csc in debug mode

    # csc custom debug 

    (no output would be generated)

    2) Upgrade to 18 MR4 or latest available.

    3) Provide the output of the following logs:

    csc.log, applog.log, postgres.log, syslog.log

    4) And the output of the following commands:

    nvram get '#'li.status
    nvram get "#li.master"
    nvram get '#'li.serial
    cat /etc/fwtype
    cat /etc/fwgroup
    cat /etc/version
    system diagnostics show version-info

    # grep  syslog.log.0 | grep -e "error\|fail" | head

    # grep "Command line: auto BOOT_IMAGE" syslog.log.0 | tail -n5

    # hdparm -i /dev/sda

    5) Connect a Serial Cable and get the console output


    Emmanuel (EmmoSophos)
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