Sophos XG125 - Disable captive and show Authentication error message


We are using SOPHOS XG125 (SFOS 18.0.4 MR-4) and Windows AD as authentication server on it. We are using ONLY ClientAuthenticationAgent app on all office connected terminals.

The problem is as I uncheck Use web authentication for unknown users option from firewall rule, captive portal stops showing to unauthenticated users and browser's default NotConnected error shows up. I want to show here an Unauthenticated User error in browser.

How to achieve this? I don't want CaptivePortal here, only customized authentication error message.

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  • Hi ,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community! 

    If you uncheck the option "Use web authentication for unknown users" from the firewall rule, unauthenticated requests are allowed…