XG 86W Wifi to Wifi

I have new XG86W and I trying to get Wifi to Wifi connections working. One example would iphone to roku device. How do I accomplish this?

Wifi to WAN for internet access seems to be working fine.

Let me state, I am sophos XG newb, worked on old cisco firewalls before, but that is it.



  • Sure. Attached. If I didn't get what you need let me know exactly and I can get it. All this default stuff confuses me as I have no idea what is set/not set by default.

  • First of all, your question is about XG firewall, but posted in UTM forum. Maybe someone can move it to the right forum...

    Ok, just to be clear, you would like two wireless clients both connected to 'Shop' wifi network to be able to talk to each other?

    If that is the case check under your advanced settings of the wireless network that you have client isolation disabled (in my screenshot it is enabled, but if clients should be able to talk to each other it should be disabled.

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  • Thank you, that fixed it. I have more issues/questions but I will move them to correct forum. Thanks again.

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