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Push VPN configuration to OpenVPN app

I have a Sophos Mobile license and managing one of my iOS device, i am trying to setup a VPN connection to my XG Firewall from the mobile phone but i dont want to import the ovpn file manually.

I have successfully pushed the OpenVPN app to my iOS from Sophos Mobile is there a way i can push the ovpn config file to the app or configure the app before pushing it to the device and also setting it to always on VPN?

  • This story gets to its limitation, as the ovpn is only accessible by the user. So in that matter, as a administrator you do not have access to the ovpn. 

    Any reason to use OpenVPN? Because IPsec would be possible to push via Mobile. 


  • I know IPsec works and i have done that, since the Sophos Mobile is an MDM platform i thought it should be possible to work with OpenVPN

    so are you saying its not achievable?

    However with the IPsec how can i avoid inputting my VPN password all the time and setting it to always on VPN?