MPLS as Primary and ILL IPSec Tunnel as Backup

Hello All,

I tried to achieve something with Sophos, after going thru available KBs.

I've a MPLS link (with BGP) and ILL at a location. ILL is terminated on Sophos and I've created IPSec Tunnel, in event of MPLS down, I shift the traffic on IPSec Tunnel. few days back the MPLS router went faulty, I planned to terminate the same on Sophos. I did the required configuration of MPLS on Sophos XG. (VLAN ID/BGP Routing config).

The after a minute or so as soon as the BGP information was updated, I lost Sophos from remote and the location was isolated, no internet  and no connectivity to HO. can anyone share some insight on this - how to achieve the desired result. Attaching drawing of the topology in place (on Top) and the topology desired(Bottom).