Also problem rebooting XG330 with SFOS18.0.3 MR-3


We also having problems randomly rebooting XG330 with SFOS18.0.3 MR-3.

This happens in HA and Standalone setting.

No help from Sophos so far.

Does anybody already have a work around?

Restarting 2 a 3 times a day.


  • Hello Erik,

    Thank you for contacting the Sophos Community!

    If you have a Case ID, could you please share it with me, so I can follow-up on the case.

    Do you see anything in the following logs;

    csc.log, applog.log, syslog.log, msync.log and networkd.log, memory and CPU graph?

    Would it be possible for you to save the console logging?

    You will need a direct console/serial connection to the device

    Note: Be sure that the computer in question does not go into Standby or Hibernate while logging.

    Using PuTTY, go to 'Session' - 'Logging.'
    Here, select "All session output', and set the file name to a folder and name for later retrieval.
    Configure the Serial connection to use the proper COM port on your PC and a Speed of 38400.
    Start the session, and log in to ensure it is all proper.
    Once logged in, you can leave it there or log out and leave the session at the password prompt. Either way, leave the session active and allow it to capture the output from the next reboot.
    Once that reboot occurs, you can end the Serial connection and provide the logs to support further investigation.


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  • Hello,

    The case number is 03363414.

    Thanks for your help!