Captive Portal / Blocked Page (Port 8090) Presents Wrong Certificate

Kia ora!

I'm running (SFOS 18.0.3 MR-3).  I was under the impression that the certificate selected in admin settings should be used for all XG services but I'm being presented with a different one on port 8090:

I've tried setting the certificate back to the default one then back to my self-signed one again. I've tried rebooting the FW.

Am I missing a setting somewhere?



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  • In our case, we use our own wildcard certificate (which is bought) for WebAdmin, UserPortal and Captive Portal (which has the issue). We need that, because our UserPortal needs to be accessed from external Users which are not in our Domain and cannot have the Sophos in the trusted root CA. 

    For Webfiltering etc. we use the Sophos CA which is configured in GPO to be trusted.