VLAN Routing

We often deploy building control systems to hundreds of sites and each of these sites have the same VLAN scheme.  This allows our techs to easily know where the different equipment should be on the network no matter where they are.  This also allows our deployments to be easier across all of our teams as they each have specific equipment on each VLAN within that site.

So the main problem is if we have a programmer on one site that needs to connect to another site and both sites have the same VLAN configuration, how can we make this happen?  If a programmer is working on a server at the site he is at and he needs to connect to another server at another site..... if both sites have the same VLAN config and believe it or not..... the servers also have the same IP address.....

any ideas????

Thanks in advance....


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    So the VLAN will not be your problem, however having the same IP scheme would be, not sure how are you connecting the sites, if you are connecting the sites using IPsec you could try to NAT the IP of the Source and Destination, you could take this KB as a reference. 

    For example Site 1 has Subet and Site 2 has subnet

    If you want that user from Site 1 access a computer on Site 2 in the same subnet you need to NAT this IP, make-believe it is using a different IP, so you would create in the IPsec tunnel two fake subnets:

    Local Subnet 

    Remote Subnet

    So if the customer needs to access on Site 2, he would then enter


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