No connection via Secure MQTT to Gruenbeck Cloud on Port 8883


since two weeks, I use a Sophos XG as ma Home Router. It work's very good and my internet latency is very low since i switched from my old Asus Router to Sophos XG. I'm very happy to switched to Sophos XG.

But with one device I can not connect to the Internet. It's my Gruenbeck Water softener softliQ SD21. It will connect to the Grünbeck cloud with the Secure MQTT protocol on Port 8883.

I've tried some configurations. I tested different firewall configurations, analyzed them with the Log Viewer and the Diagnostic in the Web UI. The analysis with Wireshark didn't get me any further either. I am at a loss.
Here is my configuration:

  1. Using Sophos XG Home Edition V18 MR3
  2. A firewall rule (#1) only for this device.

2. A linked NAT Rule (#1)

But I I get this result in the log viewer:

In the Wireshark trace you can see a TLS v1.2 Connection with a reply from the Gruebeck cloud, but this will not be forwarded to my device. Why?

Can anyone help me?


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