Any instructions to setup netbootxyz tftp server? Using Sophos XG 18

I am setting up a docker container called netbootxyz.  I want to be able to pxe boot in my home network.  Luckily, there is netbootxyz container, but I am not sure how to set it up on the firewall side.  On the support page of netbootxyz, it says:

Application Setup

To use this image you need an existing DHCP server where you can set this TFTP server as your DHCP boot destination. This image does not contain a DHCP server nor do we aim to support one in the future...

Under Network/ DHCP, there doesn't seem to be options for this.  It also sites examples for other firewalls:

Router Setup Examples


Services -> DHCP Server

Set both the option for "TFTP Server" and the options under the Advanced "Network Booting" section.

  • check enable
  • Next server- IP used for TFTP Server


Services -> DHCP Server

Under the Advanced "Network Booting" section.

  • check enable
  • Next server- IP of docker host

Unifi Security Gateway (with the controller)

Networks -> LAN (or the network you want to boot from) -> ADVANCED DHCP OPTIONS

  • tick Enable network boot

Any suggestions?  Workarounds welcome as well.

additional info
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