XG Firewall v18 MR-3: Feedback and experiences

Hi all,

Shall we start this new thread with the looks and feels of XG v18 MR-3?


  • Still not possible to get rid of theese? - 6 and 7 MONTHS old messages??


    Best regards Martin ;-)

    Sophos UTM Certified Engineer v9.7
    Sophos  XG  Certified Architect v18.0
    Homelab: 2 x SG210 XG v18 (HA A/P) - 3xAPX530 - 1 x SG210 v9.7 - 1 x UTM 220 v9.7 - 1 x SG135 v9.7 (All Fullguard Plus licenses)

  • Hello Twister5800,

    yesterday I restored one day old backup and what surprise! All alerts miraculously disappeared and only the alert storage master key remained!

    Hello Sophos, could you please comment on this behavior?



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  • I did a trial of Sandstorm back in v16.5.  I've had a "Sandstorm module(s) expired" Alert ever since, for years now.  I raised a support ticket on this back then and after a bit of back and forth, they decided it simply couldn't be done to remove it.  

    So don't hold your breath.